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Loving scars

Title: Loving Scars
Author: JrockJunkieAi
Rating:  ummm...pg 13 for now
Chapter: 1/?
Bands: Dir en grey
Pairing: Toshiya x Kyo
Summary: Kyo thought he was dead, and ever since then the memories haunted him in dreams...

Comments:Ummm so I was stuck in a 3 hour history class and started to write this, I'm not sure how good it'll be but I'm trying. ^__^

Tooru yawned tiredly as he waited at the stop light. He had just left school and was slowly making his way home. The light changed and Tooru stepped onto the road another yawn made his eye's water obscuring his vision. Suddenly someone was grabbing his arm pulling him to the side, a loud squealing noise from some cars tires were heard then a loud thump. Tooru sat on his butt looking at a car that was stopped right where his body had been a moment before, then his eyes switched to the person laying on their stomach not a muscle moving. Tooru quickly got up going towards the boy, his shirt was ripped on the back revealing a large deep gash going form his shoulder blade to his lower rib area. The boys eyes were closed almost like he was sleeping....almost. Tooru knew this boy he was picked on a lot and Tooru was no help. Tooru had watched countless times as his friends ganged up on him beating him up, and yet this kid had saved him. The boys eyes fluttered open tears welling up in his eyes from the pain, staring straight into Tooru's eyes. Tooru backed away before suddenly taking off running.....


 Kyo woke up with a start his eyes blinking out the bright morning sun. It was that dream again. Kyo rubbed his eyes as he climbed out of bed, that dream had haunted him for years. The boy had never come back to school. Kyo slowly mad his way through his small apartment to his bathroom, where he proceeded to take a quick shower trying his best to get the dream out of his head. Kyo hopped  out of the shower and went back to his room drying his hair as he walked in. Kyo quickly got dressed slipping on some tight black pants and a black button up shirt with a skull on the back. He then grabbed his wallet, keys, and smokes before leaving his apartment. By the time Kyo had gotten to the studio he was a good twenty minutes late. Kyo didn't care much though it was their first practice as a new band called Dir en grey with their new bassist Toshiya. Kyo finished his smoke and flicked it off some where before walking into the studio.Kyo chuckled as he saw Kaoru smoking up a storm while Die and Shinya were talking to Toshiya. Kaoru glared at Kyo as he walked in.
"Dammit Kyo we should have started twenty minutes ago. "Kaoru said continuing his glare. Kyo gave a shrug before going to the mic. Kaoru sighed before picking up his guitar.
After practice Kyo was dozing off on the couch. "Does he always do that?" Toshiya asked Die curiously. "Yea basically he sleeps a lot." Die said before lighting a smoke up, making Shinya step away from him. "You guys and your cigarettes. "Shinya said before walking away to the couch Kyo was on. Shinya lightly shook Kyo telling him that practice was over. Kyo yawned and rubbed his eyes before tiredly holding onto Shinyas shirt so that he wouldn't fall down. Toshiya couldn't help but Awww at how cute Kyo was acting. "Don't let him hear you make cute noises about him he hates that." Die said as he finished packing his guitar up.  "How come shinya gets to see Kyo acting all adorable and stuff?" Toshiya asked as he watch Shinya pull Kyo closer as they left together. "They went to high school together, so they've known each other for awhile." Kaoru said as he walked passed Toshiya. It wasn't until a couple months went by until Kyo started to really talk to Toshiya since he could be a bit slow to warm up to new people. Though this time for Kyo it was for different reasons. There was something about Toshiya that reminded him of the boy from his dream, which had freaked Kyo out a bit. But he got over it Toshiya was his band mate not some dead corpse.

 (It's a bit short but hopefully I can get the next chapter a lot longer, hope you guys like it. ^________^

Coin Operated Boy {Prologue}

Title – Coin Operated Boy 
Rating –  NC-17...eventually
Warnings –  None yet
Pairings – Shinya x ??(you can't know yet)
Disclaimers – None ^^
Comments – I got the idea for this from the song Coin Operated Boy by The Dresden Dolls


Title: Present....
Author: Meh
Warnings: none really
Genre: fluff...I guess
Band: Dir en Grey
Pairings: TxD
Author notes: I had the urge to write....I may continue it.... Also I have no beta reader its just me lol

Present...Collapse )
I'd like to say the concert was amazing and that meeting Die, shinya, Toshiya, & Kaoru was amazing as well. I was one of the VIP winners in Orlando ^___^
Also no cutting me out of the pictures people....
Pictures....Collapse )

Title – The Unrequited Love... 
Rating –  G
Warnings –  None
Pairings – TxK
Disclaimers – None ^^
Comments – I had the need to write ^^

Your Voice
I've heard your voice countless times. I've watched how its changed and transformed. How you broke it again and again. How you put yourself through the pain of fixing it and getting used to the new sound, the sound that is so wild never to be fully tamed. I've heard you scream every emotion that's humanely possible.
Your Body
I've watched your body countless times as well. When I first met you, you were in La: Sadies and I uttered the word kawaii in return I got a glare that scares off most people. It just made me want to hug you. Back then you were so cute, innocent, almost fragile. You fought to defy the name kawaii, it's never really worked. I've watched your hair go through many changes blond was the best. The piercings came and went. At times I miss the ones on your beautiful lips. I've seen tattoos appear on your body grow, transform, spread almost like some kind of sickness. Your almost boyish body hardening. Even with the facial hair your still kawaii but I haven't said that since we met.

Your Pain
Your pain is something I wish I could avoid. You don't like talking about it, it's to hard for you. Instead your lyrics tell us the stories. Your acts on stage show us. I've seen your blood spilled so many times you get so lost in the pain of the music that you loose control and want to...no need to show us your pain and feel it yourself even more. You never notice how scared I get, I'm always scared for you.

I've watched you for over 10 years. And i'll keep watching you even after Dir en Grey is over. All of this I cant help but be addicted to.... Your voice...your body... and your pain.
I love you

GazettE & Yaoi

Story Name: GazettE and Yaoi
Chapter: 1
Author: JrockJunkieAi
Disclaimer: I don't own them...*cries*
Authors Notes: Sorry it's short..... It's only my first fanfiction and stuff so that chapters are short.....*sighs* I will get better though!!!

In one of the many lonely of being on tour The GazettE are all in their hotel rooms.
Reita sighed as he slipped a black tank top on and pajama bottoms with puppies on them. He untied his nose band and rubbed his nose. In truth there was nothing wrong with his nose, it was just a style he did. He tossed the nose band onto the bedside table and went over to his bag.
"Mhh what should I watch?" He asked himself pulling out a few DVD's. He spotted the movie Kai had lent him.
"Hills have eyes he said it was scary." He mumbled to himself. He put the DVD in the DVD player and hit play. He turned the volume up a bit and got comfy on his bed laying on the covers on his back. He switched the light off as the movie started. It opened up with two guys talking about random stuff, he adjusted himself on the bed hitting the remote and making it skip a scene. Suddenly the room was filled with deep moans and loud panting, his jaw dropped at the scene on his TV. It was showing two men in a very intimate position.

"Oh my god Kai put a gay porno in the case....wait Kai's watching gay porn?!" His thoughts were interrupted by more loud moaning.
"Ew." He said about to turn it off, but he couldnt bring himself to turn it off. He found himself stuck watching it. He finally was able to look away only to look down at his lap, where an obvious tenting could be seen in his pajamas. He began to blush, why was his body reacting to the movie it was gross and wrong. He growled at his body but couldn't ignore the growing ache. He sighed to himself as he laid back down and stroked himself through his pajamas, letting out a whimper.

"Iie I cant do this." Reita said then stroked himself again. It was a battle and his mind was loosing quickly. He lifted his hips up long enough to slid his pajamas down to his knees. He sighed when his cock was released. He glanced at the TV watching as one of the guys entered another guy and began to fuck him roughly. Reita then looked away and began to slid his hand up and down his cock letting out little moans and whimpers, before gripping himself and began to jerk himself himself off. Using the precum that was oozing out of the tip as lubrication. Soon his moans were matching the porn's own noises as he brought himself closer and closer to that sweet bliss. A few more strokes and he released over his hand and stomach. letting out a rather girlie sounding moan. His breathing was rapid as he lay there recovering from his orgasm. He looked at his hand seeing some of his cum sliding down one of his fingers. He got the urge to lick it, so he did. He brought his hand to his lips and licked some of it. It was salty but not bad, then he licked his hand clean. He finally turned off the movie and threw the covers over himself after pulling his pajamas back up.
'Just cause I did that does not mean I'm gay.' He thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

So Konnichiwa

So I'm new here and stuff and I'm loving the yaoi it's quite addicting. anywho I'm going to start posting my fanfiction here. It's already on AFF so I thought I'd post it here as well.

So it's a GazettE fic...well mostly Dir en Grey and Miyavi pop up in it as well. But i hope you guys enjoy it. ^___^